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Adobe Account Sign In/Out

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Signing In

1. Open Application: Open an Adobe desktop application like Acrobat Pro DC. If not prompted to sign in, click Sign In… under the Help menu.

2. Sign in: If signing in for the first time, click Create an account; otherwise, enter the University e-mail address (for example, or, then click Continue.

1. Adobe Sign In - Sign In an Account

3. Create an account / Enter your password: If signing in for the first time, complete the short form, then click Create account; otherwise, enter the Adobe password and click Continue. Note that the Adobe account and e-mail account use the same e-mail address but different passwords.

2. Adobe Sign In - Create an Account
2. Adobe Sign In - Enter your password

4. Select a profile to sign in: If the University has purchased an Adobe license on your behalf, be sure to click Southern Illinois University – All Campus.

3. Adobe Sign In - Select a Profile to Sign In

5. Welcome: Once signed in, the software is activated and available for use.

4. Adobe Sign In - Welcome to Adobe

Signing Out

Sign Out: To sign out and deactivate the software, click the Profile and Settings icon in the top-right corner, then click Sign Out.

5. Adobe Sign In - Sign Out an Account
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