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ArcGIS Pro 3.0 for Windows – Installation Guide for Personal Devices

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Installing Microsoft Windows Desktop Runtime

1. Installer Download
Download Microsoft Windows Desktop Runtime 6.0.5 (x64) and open the windowsdesktop-runtime-6.0.5-win-x64.exe installer.

2. Installer Application
Click Install.

3. Installation was successful
Click Close.

Installing ArcGIS Pro

1. Installer Download
Download and open the ArcGIS Pro installer ISO. Do not open the ISO with a third-party archive utility.

2. Installer Application
Close all running applications, then open the installer application ArcGISPro_30_182209.exe. Other installer applications are optional or situational.

3. Destination Folder for Files
Click Next.

4. Installation files have been successfully extracted to your computer
Check Launch the setup program, then click Close.

5. ArcGIS Pro Setup Splash Screen
Click Next.

6. Welcome to the ArcGIS Pro Setup program
Click Next.

7. Master Agreement
Select I accept the master agreement, then click Next.

8. Installation Context
Select Anyone who uses this computer (all users), then click Next.

9. Select Features
Click Next.

10. Ready to Install the Program
Click Install.

11. ArcGIS Pro has been successfully installed
Check Run ArcGIS Pro now, then click Finish.

ArcGIS Sign In (Required)

ArcGIS Sign In: Open the ArcGIS Pro app and sign into ArcGIS Online with an email account licensed for ArcGIS Pro:
* click Your ArcGIS organization’s URL
* enter
* check Remember this URL
* click Continue
* click Southern Illinois University Carbondale
* sign into your email account


  • If the installer ISO is corrupted and does not open, then download again with a different web browser. To verify successful download, compare the SHA-256 cryptographic hash value:

  • Open the installer ISO with Windows Explorer. If necessary, temporarily disable or uninstall any third-party archive utility such as 7-Zip, WinRAR, or WinZip.
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