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Finding Computer Name on Windows 10

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Method 1

Right click on the Windows logo located on the bottom left of your Windows screen and select Settings.

Windows settings

On the Windows Settings window, select System, then select About. Your computer name is also called Device Name.

Windows Settings, About, and Device Name

Method 2

Right click on the bottom left of your screen and choose File Explorer. That will bring your File Explorer Window. Find This PC and right click on it. Choose “Properties” on drop down menu.

Property windows by right clicking on This PC icon on Windows File Explorer

Find your computer name under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings.

Property windows on Control Panel, System and Security, and System

Method 3

Type “System Information” on the Search field. On the System Information Window, System Name is the same as your computer name.

System Information pop up after typing System Information on Search Field on Windows
System information windows
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