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How to Copy Your Course from Previous Semester in D2L

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This Quick Guide will help you learn How to Copy Your Course Content from Previous Semester in D2L.

Step 1

  • Go to the Current Course Homepage (Receiving the Content)
  • Click on Course Admin

Step 2

  • Go to Copy Components for another Org Unit and search for your Previous Course (to Copy Content)
Search for offering

Step 3

  • Click on the Course you would like to copy content from upon your search. (verify semester and year)
  • Add Selected
  • Click on Copy All Components (to copy all components of course) OR
  • Click on Select Components (to copy selected components of course listed)
  • Click continue, then you may choose to have D2L offset the dates to reflect the new semester.
  • Click Calculate range between dates to have the computer automatically set dates. (ex: 8/31/17 – 8/31/18)
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