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SPSS Statistics 27 for Windows

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1. Download SPSS Statistics installers are distributed by e-mail.  Download and open the SPSS Statistics 27 for Windows ISO.  Do not open the ISO with a third-party archive utility like 7-Zip, WinZip, or WinRAR. 

2. Licensed Materials:  Close all running applications, open the SS_CLIENT_64-BIT_27.0_M_W_M.exe installer, then click Next

License Agreement

3. Software License Agreement: Select I accept the terms in the license agreement, then click Next.

Accept license agreement

4. Destination Folder: Click Next.

Hit 'next' on Destination Folder

5. Ready to Install the Program: Click Install.

Prepare for installation. Click 'Install'

6. InstallShield Wizard Completed: Check Start SPSS Statistics 27 License Authorization Wizard, then click Finish.

Installation complete. Click 'Finish'


1. License Authorization Wizard: If the IBM SPSS Statistics 27 License Authorization Wizard does not start automatically, open it from the IBM SPSS Statistics 27 folder in the Windows Start Menu.

2. License Status: If this window appears, click Next.

License status. Click 'next'

3. Product Authorization: Select Authorized user license, then click Next

Product authorization

4. Enter Codes: SPSS Statistics license authorization codes are distributed by e-mail.  Copy and paste your authorization code to the Enter Code field, click Add, then click Next

Enter you license key and click 'Add'

5. Internet Authorization Status: Upon successful authorization, click Next

Authorization through internet.

6. Licensing Completed: Click Finish

Licensing complete. Click 'finish' to close out window.
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