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Mathematica 13 for Windows: Manual Installation

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Upon approval of a Mathematica software request for manual installation, the installer and activation key are distributed by email. Mathematica licenses must be updated each year

License Cycle: 7/1/2022 thru 6/30/2023
Software Requests:
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Install Mathematica for Windows

1. Installer ISO
Download the installer ISO, then open it with Windows Explorer.

Mathematica 13.0 - Installer Download
Mathematica for Windows – Installer ISO

2. Installer
Close all running applications, navigate to the Windows folder on the mounted Mathematica installer drive, and open the setup.exe installer:

Mathematica 13.0 - Installer Application
Mathematica for Windows – Installer

3. Wolfram Mathematica Setup
Click Next.

Mathematica 13.0 - Wolfram Mathematica Setup
Mathematica for Windows – Wolfram Mathematica Setup

4. Destination Location
Click Next.

Mathematica 13.0 - Destination Location
Mathematica for Windows – Destination Location

5. Select Components
Select Install all components (recommended), then click Next.

Mathematica 13.0 - Select Components
Mathematica for Windows – Select Components

6. Start Menu Folder
Click Next.

Mathematica 13.0 - Start Menu Folder
Mathematica for Windows – Start Menu Folder

7. Ready to Install
Click Install.

Mathematica 13.0 - Ready to Install
Mathematica for Windows – Ready to Install

8. Completing the Wolfram Mathematica installation
Check Launch Wolfram Mathematica, then click Finish.

Mathematica 13.0 - Completing the Wolfram Mathematica installation
Mathematica for Windows – Completing the Wolfram Mathematica installation

Activate Mathematica for Windows

1. Activate Online
Open Mathematica, enter the activation key, then click Activate.

Mathematica 13.0 - Activate Online
Mathematica for Windows – Activate Online

2. Read the License Agreement
Check I accept the terms of this agreement, then click OK.

Mathematica 13.0 - License Agreement
Mathematica for Windows – Read the License Agreement


1. Corrupted Installer ISO: To verify successful download, compare the file checksum with the table below. If the checksum does not match, then download again with a different web browser.

FileSHA-256 Checksum

2. Third-Party Archive Utilities: Open the installer ISO with Windows Explorer. If necessary, temporarily disable or uninstall third-party archive utilities like 7-Zip, WinRAR, and WinZip.

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