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Mathematica 13: Manual Installation

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Upon approval of a Mathematica software request for a personal device, the installer and activation key are distributed by email. Mathematica licenses must be updated each year.

License Cycle: 7/1/2023 thru 6/30/2024
Software Requests:
Knowledge Base:

Install Mathematica for Linux

1. Installer ISO
Download and open the Mathematica for Linux installer ISO.

2. Install Mathematica
Run the installer:

3. Activate Mathematica
Proceed to Activate Mathematica below and use an activation key to activate the Mathematica installation.

Install Mathematica for Mac

1. Installer DMG
Download the Mathematica for Mac installer DMG, then open it with Finder.

2. Install Mathematica
Copy the Mathematica app to the Applications folder and run the WolframScript installer:

3. Activate Mathematica
Proceed to Activate Mathematica below and use an activation key to activate the Mathematica installation.

Install Mathematica for Windows

1. Installer ISO
Download the Mathematica for Windows installer ISO, then open it with Windows Explorer.

Mathematica 13.0 - Installer Download
Mathematica for Windows – Installer ISO

2. Installer
Close all running applications, navigate to the Windows folder on the mounted Mathematica installer drive, and open the setup.exe installer:

Mathematica 13.0 - Installer Application
Mathematica for Windows – Installer

3. Wolfram Mathematica Setup
Click Next.

Mathematica 13.0 - Wolfram Mathematica Setup
Mathematica for Windows – Wolfram Mathematica Setup

4. Destination Location
Click Next.

Mathematica 13.0 - Destination Location
Mathematica for Windows – Destination Location

5. Select Components
Select Install all components (recommended), then click Next.

Mathematica 13.0 - Select Components
Mathematica for Windows – Select Components

6. Start Menu Folder
Click Next.

Mathematica 13.0 - Start Menu Folder
Mathematica for Windows – Start Menu Folder

7. Ready to Install
Click Install.

Mathematica 13.0 - Ready to Install
Mathematica for Windows – Ready to Install

8. Completing the Wolfram Mathematica installation
Check Launch Wolfram Mathematica, then click Finish.

Mathematica 13.0 - Completing the Wolfram Mathematica installation
Mathematica for Windows – Completing the Wolfram Mathematica installation

9. Activate Mathematica
Proceed to Activate Mathematica below and use an activation key to activate the Mathematica installation.

Activate Mathematica

1. Activate Online
Open Mathematica, enter the activation key, and click Activate.

Mathematica 13.0 - Activate Online
Mathematica 13 for Windows – Activate Online

2. Read the License Agreement
Check I accept the terms of this agreement, then click OK.

Mathematica 13.0 - License Agreement
Mathematica 13 for Windows – Read the License Agreement


1. Corrupted Installer ISO: To verify successful download, compare the file checksum with the table below. If the checksum does not match, then download again with a different web browser.

FileSHA-256 Checksum

2. Third-Party Archive Utilities: Open the Mac installer DMG with Finder and the Windows installer ISO with Windows Explorer. If necessary, temporarily disable or uninstall third-party archive utilities like 7-Zip, WinRAR, and WinZip.

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