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Open another mailbox or shared mailbox in Outlook

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The two procedures noted below will work for the Outlook Desktop Client if you are running Outlook 2016 or newer, as well as the Outlook Web Client available at

For these procedures to work you need to have access to the mailbox or it needs to be configured as a shared mailbox. If you have questions about this setup, please contact your LAN Admin or OIT Support Team.

Use a shared mailbox in the Outlook Application

The link above is for instructions provided by Microsoft.

If your admin only recently added you to a shared mailbox, it may take, up to 12 hours, before the shared mailbox appears or becomes available.

Once the access has been configured, follow the procedure below to add it to your list of accounts in Outlook. There are times where the account will appear automatically. If that happens, you do not need to follow the procedure listed below.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Choose the File tab in the ribbon.
  3. Choose Account Settings, then select Account Settings from the menu.
  4. Select the Email tab.
  5. Make sure the correct account is highlighted, then choos0e Change.
  1. Choose More Settings > Advanced > Add.
  2. Type the shared email address, such as
  3. Choose OK > OK.
  4. Choose Next Finish > Close.

Use a shared mailbox in the Outlook Web Portal

  1. Browse to in your preferred web browser such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.
  2. Click on the tile for Outlook
  3. Click on your profile icon
  1. Click on “Open another mailbox”
  2. Type the shared email address, such as
  3. Click Open

Send mail from the shared mailbox

  1. Open Outlook or Outlook Web.
  2. Choose New Email.
  3. If you don’t see the From field at the top of your message, choose Options > From.
    1. Or click on the 3-dots near the top of your message window and click “Show From.”
  4. Click From in the message, and change to the shared email address. If you don’t see your shared email address, choose Other email address and then type in the shared email address.
  5. Choose OK.
  6. Finish typing your message and then choose to Send. From now on when you want to send a message from your shared mailbox, the address will be available in your From drop-down list. Whenever you send a message from your shared mailbox, your recipients will only see the shared email address in the message.
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