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We understand that parents want to help their students. To do this efficiently, the University allows students to allow access to their SIU information via “proxy” accounts. Although a parent, grandparent, or other interested party may set up a proxy account, access to a student’s SIU information can only be granted by the student. And…access can be limited. For example, a parent may have access to a student’s bursar account, but not to view grades. Use the Proxy tutorial to understand what proxy access is and how to arrange access with your student.

Proxy Tutorial Video

SalukiNet Proxy PIN Tutorial Video

Proxy Login

Click the button below to access SalukiNet Proxy Access Login, and enter the e-mail address that was registered as a SalukiNet proxy. Then, enter the PIN that you previously defined. SIU students may register any e-mail address as a proxy, and can then enable individual proxy access to selected pages. All pages are personal and confidential.

The proxy PIN should never be shared. If you need to reset your PIN, just enter your e-mail address, then use the ‘Forgot PIN’ button to reset your PIN.

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