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SAS 9.4M8: Installation

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Request SAS

SAS licenses must be updated each year.

License Cycle (Academic): 7/31/2023 thru 7/30/2024
License Cycle (Administrative): 7/1/2023 thru 6/30/2024
Software Requests:
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Install SAS

Personal Device

SAS is not available for installation on personal devices. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) access is automatically provisioned to instructors of record and enrolled students for use in academic teaching and learning. VDI access is available upon request by academic researchers.

SIU Carbondale

Upon approval of a SAS software request for an SIU Carbondale device, the software installs automatically over the campus network.

  1. Connect to the campus network. If working remotely or on a private network, sign into the Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  2. Stay online and connected to the campus network for several hours, then open SAS to confirm successful installation.
SIU School of Medicine

Upon approval of a SAS software request for an SIU School of Medicine device, the installer is forwarded to School of Medicine IT ( for installation.

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