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SPSS Amos 28 for Windows

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From IBM: “IBM® SPSS® Amos is a powerful structural equation modeling (SEM) software helping support your research and theories by extending standard multivariate analysis methods, including regression, factor analysis, correlation and analysis of variance. Build attitudinal and behavioral models reflecting complex relationships more accurately than with standard multivariate statistics techniques using either an intuitive graphical or programmatic user interface.”

Requesting SPSS Amos

Contract Start: 7/1/2022
Contract End: 6/30/2023

Complete the Software Request form at the link below, select SPSS Amos for Windows from the software list, and submit.

Software Request Form:

Installing SPSS Amos

Remote Workers: If working remotely or from a secure campus network, sign into SIU VPN to install. An active VPN connection may be required for a few hours before the software becomes available to install.

Before Installing: Close all running applications, especially any SPSS apps.

Install SPSS Amos: Software will be delivered to SIU-owned computers thru Microsoft Software Center for self-service installation. The experience is similar to a mobile app store: browse the software catalog, select the software, then wait for the software to download and install.

1. Click the link below to open the Software Center page for SPSS Amos 28.


2. Click the Install button.

3. Note any installer windows that appear, especially error messages and warnings. These installer windows may be hidden behind other windows on screen.

4. Upon successful installation, the Install button changes to Uninstall or Restart and the Status line changes to Installed.


1. Remote Workers: If working remotely or from a secure campus network, sign into SIU VPN to install and to use the software. An active VPN connection may be required for a few hours before the software becomes available to install in Software Center.

2. Software Center: Software Center does not immediately refresh upon connecting to the campus network, especially for computers that have been offline or off campus for extended periods.

Software Center - This application is not available in Software Center

3. Software Center: Software Center is not immediately available upon computer startup. Wait at least 5 minutes after the computer starts up before opening Software Center.

Software Center cannot be loaded

4. Installation: Close all running applications before installing, especially any SPSS apps.

5. Network Connectivity: If a campus WiFi connection is slow or unstable during installation, switch to a wired Ethernet network connection and try again.

6. Network Connectivity: If a remote network connection is slow or unstable during installation, bring the computer to campus and try again.

7. Network License: SPSS Amos is only available from the campus network. Remote workers must sign into SIU VPN. If the computer name has changed, submit a new SPSS Amos request with the Software Request form.

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