Adobe Acrobat Pro

Introduction Adobe Acrobat Pro includes tools to edit, create, sign, organize, share, and protect PDFs. Acrobat Pro is available to current faculty/staff “knowledge worker” employees and enrolled students. Adobe Acrobat Sign is available as a separate license. Can I install my Adobe app on another computer?“Your individual license lets you install your Adobe app on more […]

Adobe Acrobat Sign

Introduction Adobe Acrobat Sign for Enterprise includes the “full” version of the Adobe e-signature service. Acrobat Sign is available to current faculty/staff “knowledge worker” employees and enrolled students. Note well: Acrobat Sign is not Acrobat Pro, the PDF editing software. Get Acrobat Sign 1. Get Acrobat Sign LicenseSign in with your email address and SIU […]

Adobe Acrobat Pro – Adding a Checkbox (with Either/or Options)

Checkboxes are easy to add to a document but has a few attributes you must set before the checkboxes are available.To have access to checkbox options (as well as other items you can add to documents): Click the E-sign option at the top of the screen or the Request signature on the right-hand menu. Step […]

Adobe Sign in Acrobat Pro Basics

Overview Adobe Acrobat Pro for signing is a cost-effective solution for electronic document signing. A single person can add electronic signatures and lines for other information into a document, and then share the document for signing securely and within minutes. The originator can see the progress of the document between signers and see that the […]

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Guide

To make software more readily available to current SIU students, faculty and staff, we have virtualized that software to be accessible from personal devices. Instructions Use the VMware Horizon Client to access a virtual desktop or virtual application from your personal device.  Entitlement varies by affiliation, role, department, courses, etc. 1. Install VMware Horizon Client […]

Microsoft Software Center for Windows

Overview Managed software for SIU-owned Windows PCs may be delivered thru Microsoft Software Center for self-service installation. The experience is similar to a mobile app store: Install/Uninstall Managed Software 1. Connect to Campus Network: If working on campus, connect to the Ethernet wired network or eduroam wireless network. If working remotely or on a private campus […]