Troubleshooting Eduroam for Android devices

Open settings. Tap WiFi under Wireless & networks.  Select eduroam from the Available Networks  Enter the following settings  i. EAP method: PEAP  ii. Phase 2 Authentication: None or MSCHAPV2  iii. CA Certificate: Do not validate  Note: If Do not validate is not an option under CA Certificate select the following CA Certificate: Use system certificates Online Certificate […]

Troubleshooting Eduroam for IOS devices

Go to Settings, choose Wi-Fi, and tap eduroam.  When prompted, enter your siu networkid (85xxxxxxx) and password. Tap Join.  When prompted to accept the certificate, tap Trust.  You are now connected to eduroam.  Note: If you have recently changed you Salukinet password, forget the eduroam network and connect again.  Make sure your siu account is not locked, due to wifi reconnection attempts after you […]