AIS reports not opening with Word

Overview Due to an update to Firefox that changes how files are opened and downloaded by default, some AIS users may be affected when trying to access reports that normally open with Word. Even if they had previously set their browser to automatically open these files with Word, or to ask each time a file […]

AIS and HRSS Browser Errors

“Error You are trying to access a page that is no longer active” Application Blocked by Java Security Users will sometimes be met by the following error when accessing If this occurs on a windows machine, you will need to add AIS as an exception in Java. First start by clicking the “windows” or […]

Apple/Mac, Big Sur OS Breaks AIS Report Viewing/Printing

Apple released BigSur OS on Nov 12th, 2020. In BigSur, “Java Web Start” is replaced by Java Launcher, which doesn’t support frmservelet. In other words, Oracle Forms are not launched automatically (Workaround steps listed below). As per Oracle, BigSur is not yet certified for Oracle EBS. We have created an SR with Oracle and working […]

Golden Software Help

See this website for assistance with the Golden software. See this document for instructions and FAQ concerning Golden software. (View page 8 for help with password change)