How to Display Quiz Feedback on D2L

Overview D2L Quizzes tool allows instructors to display different feedback to students upon completion of a quiz. In this how-to guide, learn how to customize quiz feedback. How to Edit the Target Quiz Select the desired type of feedback There are five types of feedback to choose from the dropdown menu. No question When choosing […]

D2L Intelligent Agents

Overview Use an intelligent agent to monitor your D2L class and send an automatic email when certain conditions are met. For a quick how to overview watch this video. Creating an Intelligent Agent 4. Under Scheduling, select the Frequency at which the agent should be activated 5. Under “Criteria,” determine the criteria the agent looks for: 6. […]

Getting Help with D2L

Overview D2L Help is available 24/7 365 days a year via chat and phone. If you are faculty or staff and need Center for Teaching Excellence service please see this article. Phone Help For help over the phone you can call 618-453-5155 and select option 3. Chat Help You can always use the “get help” […]

Requesting D2L Services from CTE

We have implemented a new method to send in requests for certain D2L services. If you need to: request an external guest account, request a report, copy D2L content, add an announcement to D2L, add or remove an INC student, add or remove a TA or Co-instructor from a D2L course, create a development course […]

Work to Do Widget in D2L

Overview The Work To Do widget provides learners with a summary of assigned learning activities from all their courses that are overdue or have an upcoming due date or end date. You can add the widget to your organization homepage to aggregate data from all courses, and to course homepages to show only due and […]

Import a Course from Another Learning Management System

Overview A guide to assist faculty who are bringing courses from other institutions to SIU. A step-by-step guide on how to import a course into D2L that has been exported from another Learning Management System. Notes and Recommendations Step 1: Export Course Package Step 2: Import Course 3. Select Import/Export/Copy Components. 4. Select Import Components. […]

Echo 360 Video Won’t Play on Chromebook

To play an embedded video from Echo360 you’ll need to ensure your Chromebook is up to date. Updating Chromebook Turn on your Chromebook. Connect your Chromebook to Wi-Fi. At the bottom right, select the time  Settings . At the bottom left, select About ChromeOS. Under “Google ChromeOS,” you’ll find which version of the Chrome operating […]

I received an email titled “Action Required: Renew (course info)(semester) by (expiration date)”

Is This Spam? No, this email is typically sent by Microsoft Online Services Team. You are receiving this email because you have been listed as an owner to a Microsoft office 365 group. These groups are made automatically sometimes with the Instructor being made the group “owner”. If you do not wish to use this […]

D2L MyCourses Text Notification

MyCourses/D2L can be set up to notify students via text message about class information. The Instructor of Record can modify the notification settings, add and/or remove who get’s notified. Instructions for the IoR to modify auto-notification can be found here. We have come across a few instances where an phone number unaffiliated with SIU starts […]

SIU Live Recording

Overview Join SalukiTech to discuss life at SIU with technology. We will explore internet options along with technology and software that’s availableto you as a Saluki. In addition, we will be taking your technology questions during the session. — SalukiTech provides students, faculty, and staff with technology-related support and assistance. Support is available by phone, […]