How do faculty enter grades?

Overview Official grade submission for undergraduate and graduate courses is done online by the primary instructor for a course section using Self-Service Banner (SSB) after logging into SalukiNet.  The information below will help you to do that appropriately. If you need help entering grades for the semester please visit this link for more information.

Setting Up Assignments and Linking to the Gradebook in D2L (MyCourses)

Go to Assesments and then click on Assignments Click on New Assignments Fill out information about the new assignment: Name, Instructions etc… You can upload an assignment rubric or more detailed assignment instructions by clicking Add Attachment Then, fill out the details about the assignment under Submission, Completion, and Categorization. Can specify individual or group […]

Grading Tool in D2L (MyCourses)

Go to ASSESSMENTS and then click on GRADES Click on SWITCH TO SPREADSHEET VIEW Here, you can manually enter grades To make this more manageable in a class with a lot of grade items, click on More Actions and then click on Hide/Show columns and you can click the specific grade items you would like […]