What is my SIU email address?

Email addresses are assigned to students who are enrolled and employees who are currently working for or have retired from the university.Students will be given email access 24 hours after enrolling in courses. To find out your SIU email address please log into http://netid.siu.edu Once you have signed in, please select the my profile tab. […]

How to Update Your Recovery Information

Overview Your recovery information can be used to reset the password to your network ID at https://netid.siu.edu/identity/self-service/siu/smsreset.jsfIf you do not have access to your recovery options, please contact salukitech https://oit.siu.edu/salukitech/solution-center.php Updating Your Recovery Information in the Network ID Account Management Portal 1. In your browser, go to netid.siu.edu. 2. Enter your Network ID (i.e., SIU85XXXXXXX) […]

SIU Network ID-General Information

Overview Your Network ID is used to access computing resources on campus such as: SalukiNet, SIU Online (D2L), Computer Learning Centers’ computers, Morris Library computers, wireless networking, VPN and more. How do I Find my Network ID? When you first apply to Southern Illinois University, you will be issued a Dawg Tag Number, (Ex: 850XXXXXXX). […]