How to use User Codes with GFI Sharp Multi-function Printers

This article is intended to serve as a guide for GFI printers that are secured with a user code for copying and printing. Step 1: After hitting File – Print or CTRL P on your keyboard, select the printer you want to print to (the following is an example, select the printer’s name for your […]

Blue Screen Printing Fix

On your Windows machine, open Software Center. It can be found under Microsoft Endpoint Manager in your programs list. Then choose Fix Kyocera BSOD – Win 10. Click Install on the following screen. You will not see any change to the Installation Progress screen. It could take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for the […]

How do I print on campus?

Overview SalukiTech Campus-Wide Printing Services (CWPS) provides and maintains printers for use by students, as well as faculty and staff. These printers are conveniently located in more than 30 locations across campus—including public spaces and campus housing. You may print to any of the CWPS printers from any University-owned or personal device as long as you have access to […]