SAS 9.4M8: Installation

Request SAS SAS licenses must be updated each year. License Cycle (Academic): 7/31/2023 thru 7/30/2024License Cycle (Administrative): 7/1/2023 thru 6/30/2024Software Requests: Base: oitkb.siu.eduSupport: Install SAS Personal Device SAS is not available for installation on personal devices. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) access is automatically provisioned to instructors of record and enrolled students for use in academic teaching and learning. VDI access […]

JMP Pro 17: Manual Installation

Introduction Install JMP Pro for Mac Install JMP Pro for Windows Troubleshoot

JMP Pro 17: Installation

Request JMP Pro JMP Pro licenses must be updated each year. License Cycle: 6/30/2023 thru 6/29/2024Software Requests: Base: oitkb.siu.eduSupport: Install JMP Pro Personal Device Upon approval of a JMP Pro software request for a personal device, the installer is distributed by email. SIU Carbondale Upon approval of a JMP Pro software request for an SIU Carbondale device, […]

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Guide

To make software more readily available to current SIU students, faculty and staff, we have virtualized that software to be accessible from personal devices. Instructions Use the VMware Horizon Client to access a virtual desktop or virtual application from your personal device.  Entitlement varies by affiliation, role, department, courses, etc. 1. Install VMware Horizon Client […]

SAS 9.4M7 for Windows: Manual Installation

Request SAS Upon approval of a SAS software request for manual installation, the installer and activation key are distributed by email. SAS licenses must be updated each year License Cycle (Academic): 7/31/2022 thru 7/30/2023License Cycle (Administrative): 7/1/2022 thru 6/30/2023Software Requests: Base: oitkb.siu.eduSupport: Install SAS 1. Uninstall Previous InstallationsOpen an elevated command prompt, uninstall any previous SAS 9.4 installations, […]