Eduroam Support for Older Devices

Overview A security change has been implemented on our wireless internet access that requires your devices to be updated to the latest version available to connect to Eduroam. If you need assistance, please visit SalukiTech with your device or chat with us List of Supported Operating Systems Android 5.0 and above Win 7 and […]

Troubleshooting Eduroam for Mac devices

Toggle Wi-Fi On/Off  Sometimes toggling Wi-Fi off, and then back on, will help your device reconnect with the network. This is a good first troubleshooting step to take to see if this will resolve your connectivity issue.  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon in the upper right-hand corner of the menu bar, and select “Turn Wi-Fi Off”  […]

Troubleshooting Eduroam for Windows Devices

On how to connect to windows refer this (  Turn Wi-Fi On/Off  Some laptops have a hardware kill switch or keyboard function to enable or disable wireless network. If your device has such functionality, try turning it off and on.   If not, you can also enable/disable the wireless adapter in Windows through control panel. To […]

Troubleshooting Eduroam for Android devices

Open settings. Tap WiFi under Wireless & networks.  Select eduroam from the Available Networks  Enter the following settings  i. EAP method: PEAP  ii. Phase 2 Authentication: None or MSCHAPV2  iii. CA Certificate: Do not validate  Note: If Do not validate is not an option under CA Certificate select the following CA Certificate: Use system certificates Online Certificate […]

Troubleshooting Eduroam for IOS devices

Go to Settings, choose Wi-Fi, and tap eduroam.  When prompted, enter your siu networkid (85xxxxxxx) and password. Tap Join.  When prompted to accept the certificate, tap Trust.  You are now connected to eduroam.  Note: If you have recently changed you Salukinet password, forget the eduroam network and connect again.  Make sure your siu account is not locked, due to wifi reconnection attempts after you […]

SIU Wireless Connection Guide

Instructions can be found at the following web sites. Wireless Overview Automatic Wireless Configuration Utility for Eduroam Manual Configuration for Eduroam The manual configuration for Android will allow Chromebook devices to connect. If you are unable to connect please update your ChromeOs. Eduroam is available inside almost all locations on the SIU […]

Connecting to SIU Limited a Smart Device or Game Console

For any devices that are not able to authenticate using WPA2 Enterprise, but can authenticate using WPA2 Personal, the SIU-limited wireless (WiFi) network should be used. The following devices are compatible with SIU-limited, but will not be able to access SIU campus resources (including but not limited to D2L (Online), SIU E-mail, Salukinet, etc): Media Streaming […]