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Access a Video File in Microsoft Stream

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In this how-to guide, learn how to access a video file in OneDrive and stream it in Microsoft Stream

Access Videos

Step 1: On Outlook email page, click on the waffle iron in the upper left corner.

A screenshot of Outlook email page, highlighting the waffle iron in the upper left corner.

Step 2: Click on OneDrive under Apps.

A screenshot of Microsoft 365 Apps, highlighting OneDrive

Step 3: Click on My files on the left panel.

A screenshot of OneDrive, highlighting My files on the left side of the page.

Step 4: Navigate to the folder where the video file is located. A screenshot of my folders in OneDrive

Step 5: Click on the video file to open it.

A screenshot of a video file in a folder in OneDrive

Step 6: Click on Open at the upper left corner and then click on Open in Stream.

A screenshot a video streaming on OneDrive, highlighting Open and Open in Stream in the upper left corner

Step 7: Now the video file is streaming on Microsoft Stream.

A screenshot of a video streaming on Microsoft Stream
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