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AIS and HRSS Browser Errors

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“Error You are trying to access a page that is no longer active”

If you are receiving this error when attempting to log into AIS/HRSS you will need to view the site from within a “private” window.
Below is how to open up a private window from within chrome, firefox, and edge. Almost every browser has a “private” viewing option that can be accessed in the browser settings menu.

Inside the chrome window click the three vertical dots at the top right. Click the Option called New Incogntio window
Inside the Mozilla Firefox window click the 3 horizontal lines at the top right. Click the option called New private window.
Inside the Microsoft Edge window click the 3 horizontal dots at the top right. Click the option called New InPrivate window.

Application Blocked by Java Security

Users will sometimes be met by the following error when accessing

java application blocked error

If this occurs on a windows machine, you will need to add AIS as an exception in Java.

First start by clicking the “windows” or “start” button at the bottom left of your desktop and search for “configure Java”. Click “Open”

configure java in start menu

When the Java control panel opens please click on the security tab at the top of the window. While in the security tab please click on “Edit Site List”.

edit site list highlighted in the security tab

Next click “add”

Add highlighted in the exception site list

Add in the site:
Click Ok when finished.

URL exception highlighted

You can now close the java control panel. should no longer give the above error message. If it does please contact salukitech at 618-453-5155.

Clicking login assistance does not work or send email containing reset assistance.

Please see our KB article about login assistance here:
If you are needing assistance reseting your password to AIS please contact SalukiTech by phone or chat here:

The HRSS FAQ page can be viewed at:

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