Passwordless MFA Sign-in (Android)

These instructions assume you have already completed the setup and transition from Duo to Microsoft Authenticator.  Please visit if you have not already completed that. Passwordless Setup Using Microsoft Authenticator 1. Open Microsoft Authenticator on your Mobile Device and select the appropriate “Southern Illinois University” option with your e-mail address (Note: Most have one […]

How to install Microsoft Teams on Iphone or Android

How to install Microsoft Teams on iPhone or android. These steps to install the Microsoft Teams app on a mobile device are for faculty, staff, and students who are eligible for Microsoft 365 and want to access Microsoft Teams on an iOS or Android device. Note: Users with A1 licenses may access Microsoft applications using a […]

DUO Mobile

DUO universal prompt As of 9/12/2023, all single sign in locations (office, salukinet, mycourses etc) will be switching to a new DUO prompt. The functionality is the same, however if you have a push enabled device, a code will be automatically sent to your device.Signing into will not trigger the new DUO prompt and […]

Connecting to Eduroam with Android devices

Automatic Setup The preferred way of setting up the eduroam SSID on any operating system is connecting to the wireless network “eduroam-instructions” then downloading the cloudpath utility that can be found at The utility sets up the SSID automatically with little input from you. For users in the residence halls, use this link to automatically […]

Office 365 for Android Devices