DUO Mobile

DUO universal prompt As of 9/12/2023, all single sign in locations (office, salukinet, mycourses etc) will be switching to a new DUO prompt. The functionality is the same, however if you have a push enabled device, a code will be automatically sent to your device.Signing into netid.siu.edu will not trigger the new DUO prompt and […]

Reset MFA Sign-in Cycle

The MFA system is set to a weekly renewal basis. Follow these steps if you would like to reset the day that your devices ask you to login. Login to office.siu.edu Click on your profile image on the top right corner of the page. In the menu that appears click “View Account” A new page […]

Working Remotely

SIU has provided guidelines for faculty/staff members who must work remotely off campus. The following is the link to HR guidelines for working remotely. https://hr.siu.edu/faculty-staff/remote-work.php These guidelines provided the rules that apply for working remotely. However, from technical standpoint, there are considerations that have to be made to make remote work possible. The following common […]