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Access to SIU’s VPN, Remote Desktop Access, and Virtual Desktop Instances.

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Adding a Duo Security Token to NetID

he Office of Information Technology (OIT) recommends using your smartphone or tablet device, with the Duo Security App installed, for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) access to SIU systems and software. If you do not have a device or do not want to use it for MFA, you can purchase a D-100 key fob from OIT. Only fobs purchased from SIU will work with SIU systems and Applications. To purchase a security key, please call SalukiTech at 618-453-5155 or email SalukiTech at
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Mapping a Network Drive

Mapped drives are a way to connect your computer to a shared folder on SIU's File Server. Connections to shared folders require an internet connection AND an active (connected) connection to SIU's VPN.
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Setup Weekly Identity Scan for Spirion

The Office of Information Technology at SIU runs monthly scans for Personal Identifiable Information (PII) on all SIU-Owned devices. This is material that could be used to steal someone's identity. Common things that are found are Social Security Numbers, Drivers License numbers, and banking information.

If you need to work with this material on a regular basis, you may want to scan your computer more often.

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