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Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides access to the Campus Area Network from remote locations over the Internet. This allows resources that are normally only accessible from on campus to be reached from almost anywhere there is an Internet connection. VPN service is available to the faculty and staff for University business needs. In some cases, VPN is approved for SIU students with an academic need.

Learn how to request and setup VPN by going to:

What do I use for the second password?

In the Second Password field, type one of the following options:

push = Send a push notification to the DUO app on your phone
sms = Send an SMS message with a code to your phone
XXXXXX = The 6-digit code generated by the DUO app on your phone

Renewing VPN

If you were recently notified about your VPN expiring, you will have to request access again. This can be done before the expiration date.

Here are the instructions to do so:

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