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Setting Up Assignments and Linking to the Gradebook in D2L (MyCourses)

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  1. Go to Assesments and then click on Assignments
  2. Click on New Assignments
  3. Fill out information about the new assignment: Name, Instructions etc…
  4. You can upload an assignment rubric or more detailed assignment instructions by clicking Add Attachment
  5. Then, fill out the details about the assignment under Submission, Completion, and Categorization. Can specify individual or group assignment, submission type (file is most common), number of files allowed per submission, details about submission, notification emails, and category.
  6. Under Evaluation and Feedback you can add your grading information;

Amount of points the assignment is worth (or Score Out Of), Grade Item, Rubrics (through D2L’s rubrics tool), etc. (NOTE: You can link the assignment to your grade book by clicking New Grade Item under Evaluation and Feedback.

  1. In the New Grade Item pop-up window, you can add the details about your new grade item such as; name, category (such as if you have categories for discussions, assignments, etc.), and description, as well as detailed information about the grading of the new assignment
  2. Click SAVE (in the pop-up window to save your grading information)
  3. Click SAVE and CLOSE (in the new assignment window to save your assignment)

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