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How to use User Codes with GFI Sharp Multi-function Printers

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This article is intended to serve as a guide for GFI printers that are secured with a user code for copying and printing.

Step 1: After hitting File – Print or CTRL P on your keyboard, select the printer you want to print to (the following is an example, select the printer’s name for your department. Click on Printer Properties.

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Step 2: On the properties window, select Job Handling. Under Authentication, select User Number:

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Step 3: In the User Number field, type the code your department gave you for the copier and click on OK. This code only needs to be entered once. It will be saved under your profile for next printings.

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Printing with Apple:

Step 1: Open the print preview screen and click on “Show Details” if you can’t find the options for paper size and orientation.

Step 2: Find the box that says “TextEdit” and choose “Job Handling.”

Step 3: Under Job Handling, select “Authentication” and check the bubble next to “User Number.”

Step 4: Enter your 5-digit printer code.

Optionally, to save this code for future use, go to the top where you see “Presets.” Click the dropdown arrow and choose “Save Current Settings as Preset.”

Note: If your print job stalls on “Hold for Authentication,” simply remove and re-add the printer with the Protocol option set to “HP Socket” to resolve the issue.

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