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Give Students Special Access to Course Quiz in D2L

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For a video overview of this process please see the instructional video here:

Special Access for a Single Quiz

Within your course in D2L, select Assessments, then select Quizzes.

Select the arrow (V) next to the Quiz title and select “Edit”

Select the Restrictions tab

Scroll down to the Special Access section and select “Add Users to Special Access”

Here you can change the Due date, Availibility, Timing, and Number of Attempts on a quiz.

Once you have configured your special access scroll down and select the student(s) who are receiving this access by checking the box next to their name.

After you have selected the student(s), scroll down and click “Add Special Access”

After you are finished adding special access for everyone, click “Save and Close” at the bottom of the page.

Special Access for a Single Assignment

Within your course in D2L, select Assessments, then select Assignments.

Click the down arrow (V) next to the assignment you wish to add special access to and select “Edit Assignment”

On the right of the page click the triangle next to “Avilability Dates and Conditions” to expand the options. Once expanded click on the “Manage Special Access” button.

Click “Add Users to Special Access”

Change the Due Date and availability as needed and select the student(s) who need this access. After you have made your selections click “Save”.

Select “Save and Close” to finish adding your special access.

Adding Accommodations for all Quizes and Tests per Student

Within your course in D2L, select “Communication”, then in the drop down menu select “Classlist”

Click the arrow (V) to the right of the students name requiring accommodations and select “Edit Accommodations”

In this menu you can modify the amount of time this student receives on all quizzes and tests in this course. Once you are finished editing the accomidations, click “Save”.

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