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Troubleshooting the Housing Portal

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Incoming Fall students will be able to access the housing portal on 12/1 the year prior to attendance. Information on our residence halls, including buildings, policies, dining, etc., can be found on the Housing website.

You do not need an SIU email to sign in; you can use [replace X’s with your Dawg Tag]. The password is the same you would use to sign in on SalukiNet.

If you are having difficulties logging in to the housing portal, ensure you have met these four criteria:

  1. Must be fully admitted
    • The acceptance email will arrive before you are listed as admitted.
    • SalukiTech workers can verify if you are listed as admitted, though we cannot see details beyond the role.
    • If you are not listed as admitted in our system, check with Admissions to verify your status.
  2. Must claim your Network ID
    • This is the process where you set recovery information and a password. Click here for the instructions to claim your network ID.
  3. Must be listed as admitted in the Housing records
    • Housing can verify if you are listed as admitted. Note: they may direct you to Admissions if they are having difficulty finding you in their system.
    • Let the representative know if you’ve spoken to SalukiTech to verify you have claimed your account and can login on SalukiNet & other SIU websites.
  4. Click the button that says “SIUC – Student SSO Login”
    • All students, current or incoming, must use the SSO button under Student Login. This takes you to a normal SIU login page, such as when you sign in on SalukiNet.

Once you have followed the above steps, you should be able to sign in on the housing portal. If you are able to sign in but run into issues signing contracts, selecting rooms, etc. you must contact Housing. Reporting website outages or account issues can be directed to SalukiTech.

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