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Setting up a Network ID account for a Local Administrator

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Note: this guide assumes that you have permission from your supervisor to create a local admin account

Fill out form for requesting an elevated account.

Navigate to the form for this request HERE

  1. Select “Create an account” and click “Next”

2. Select who will manage the account

3. Enter the information requested on the form.

4. Click “Next”

5. Enter the purpose of the account

6. From the drop down menu, select “I need an AD elevated privilege account (IT professional and LAN admin use only) [AD Elevated Account]”

7. Click “Next”

8. Enter the description of the account

9. Enter the display name you would like for the account

10. Select “Yes” or “No” if your request is for local admin on your workstation.

11. Once completed click “Submit” and this form will generate a ticket for your request.

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