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Adobe Acrobat Pro – Adding a Checkbox (with Either/or Options)

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Checkboxes are easy to add to a document but has a few attributes you must set before the checkboxes are available.
To have access to checkbox options (as well as other items you can add to documents):

Click the E-sign option at the top of the screen or the Request signature on the right-hand menu.

Step 1. Add recipients to sign the document.

Step 2. Click the Specify where to sign button.

Step 3. Activate the “Advanced editing on” option by clicking the button. (Found on the top of the menu –right-hand side of the screen).
NOTE: This option only becomes available once you have created your signing list for the email and are ready to proceed to add signature boxes.

Step 4. Choose and position field for signatures or other information.

Step 5. Click the Data Fields option on the right-hand menu. Select the Check Box option.

Step 6. Click and Drag the checkbox option to the place where you want to insert a checkbox and release it. You will see a checkbox in the document
NOTE: If the purpose of the checkbox is obvious, you are ready to Send the Document.

Step 7. If you want to clarify how to use the checkbox, right-click the checkbox and select Edit from the dropdown menu.
NOTE: Checkboxes are like any other “signature” box. They are assigned to particular people for attention (unless otherwise specified). Use the Assign To field to select the signer who needs to check the box.

Step 8. Check the Required checkbox if the box must be checked.

Step 9. Click on the Tooltip to “name/explain the box.”.
Example: If you want to have a checkbox for Yes and a checkbox for No, enter something like “Click for Yes” in the tooltip for the Yes checkbox, then when editing the information for the second checkbox enter “Click for No” in the tooltip field for the No checkbox. When the signer hovers over the checkbox it opens the tooltip explaining the checkbox’s purpose.

Step 10. Click Conditions to set specific conditions for this checkbox. If you have multiple fields and checkboxes, you must set conditions for each checkbox. By setting Conditions, you make the individual checkbox you are “editing” relative to other fields you have entered.
NOTE: The options available in Conditions change based on the types of actionable fields you have set up in the document you are currently working on.

TIP: It will help you understand Conditions if you start with the word/action you choose in the first box and read text between the boxes and the text in the boxes.
Example: The Text box below reads, “Hide this field when Any of the following conditions are true…” and continues “…” Custom Checkbox 2 is Checked.”
This condition will hide the checkbox that I am currently editing if Custom Checkbox 2 (my other checkbox) is checked.

Step 11. Click the first box “Hide” to see what you can set the box to do when the conditions are met. Options include Show, Hide, Enable, Disable.

Step 12. Click the second box “Any” to determine what conditions must be met to affect the action you choose in the first box. Options include Any (meaning any of the conditions will cause the action in the first box.)

Step 13. Click the Select field to determine the field that interacts with or affects this checkbox, The Choices available in the third dropdown varies depending on the fields you enter in a document.
Example: if you have a second checkbox one choice will be Custom Checkbox (with a number). If you have entered a Signature field, you may decide that the Signature field affects the checkbox. If you set up multiple fields in the document, all of them will be available as choices in the Select field.

Step 14. Click the down arrow in the blank field after Select. Options here include actions such as “Is” or “Isn’t.” Selecting a choice in this field generate choices in the last blank field.

Step 15. Select a choice from the newly populated, final field. Again, the options available here will be dictated by the choice you made in the select field.
Example: If in the Select field you have the options Customer Checkbox 2 or Signature 1 (meaning you have put an additional checkbox in the document and a Signature field) and you choose Customer Checkbox 2, you will choose between the options Checked or Unchecked. If you were to select Signature 1, you would choose between the options Signed or Unsigned.

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