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How to Add Instructor Profile on D2L Course Homepage

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In this how-to guide, learn how to add an instructor profile card to a D2L course homepage and customize it.

Adding an instructor profile widget involves three steps.

  1. Creating a custom course homepage
  2. Adding and organizing widgets
  3. Adding and modifying the widget

Creating a custom course homepage

1. Log into D2L course & navigate to homepage

2. Go to Course Admin
The location of your Course Admin may vary depending on the D2L Template in use. In most cases, it will be located on the menu bar. (Check under “More.”)

  1. Click on “Homepages”
    You will need to create a customizable course homepage so you can modify widgets.
  1. Make a Copy of a Course Template
    If you’ve never customized your course homepage for the course, you’ll need to make a copy of the course template. Don’t worry, nobody else can see this and you’re not going to break anything. You can choose the default or any other option you prefer.
  1. Change Active Homepage to Copy
    In this case, we’re choosing “Course Default – Standard – Econ 240.”

6. Click on New Custom Page

7. Edit Custom Page Info

Adding and organizing widgets

1. Click “Add Widgets”

2. Type Profile in Search and Select “D2L Profile Card”

3. Organize Widgets

Click “Save and Close” Button

Adding and modifying the widget

1. Go to course home

2. Click “Edit this Widget”

3. Remove “Display a title” (Optional)

4. Edit Colors

5. Change color. Recommended color is #660000 (Saluki Maroon)

6. Change Instructor Name, Details, Socials, and Click Save

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