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Passwordless MFA Sign-in (Android)

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These instructions assume you have already completed the setup and transition from Duo to Microsoft Authenticator.  Please visit if you have not already completed that.

Passwordless Setup Using Microsoft Authenticator

1. Open Microsoft Authenticator on your Mobile Device and select the appropriate “Southern Illinois University” option with your e-mail address (Note: Most have one entry, but it is possible to have a couple or more if you have access to additional accounts for your department).

2. Click the “Set up phone sign-in” button.

3. Click ‘Continue’ next to the screen after reading the requirements of registering your device with the Southern Illinois University organization and that you have an appropriate screen lock setup to secure your device.

4. You will be prompted to sign-in with your password and confirm MFA.

5. You may see a screen stating your account and/or phone are being added.

6. Click ‘Register’ when prompted to register your device.

7. Click ‘Done’ after confirmation comes up that your Account was added.

8. You will know this is complete when the “Disable phone sign-in” button is viewable on your SIU account in the Authenticator app.

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