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How Do I Claim My SIU Account?

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Claiming your Network ID

1. In your browser, go to

2. Click on the “New user? Claim your Network ID” link. 

Please enter your Network ID

3. If you do not know your Dawg Tag, click the “Dawg Tag Lookup” link in the lower left hand corner.

4. Enter the appropriate information in the following fields: 

  1. Legal First Name: enter your legal first name
  2. Legal Last Name: enter your legal last name
  3. Birth Date: enter your birthday in the mm/dd/yyyy format
  4. Dawg Tag: enter your Dawg Tag number, do not include the leading “SIU” (i.e., 85XXXXXXX)

5. Click the “Captcha” box to indicate you are not a robot.

6. After you have read the “Acceptable Use Standard” information, click on the “Accept” button to continue the process.

Acceptable Use Standards

7. In the section “User Details,” click the “Next” button.

User Details

8. In the “Update personal information” section enter a non-SIU email address and/or a Recovery Mobile” number to have a PIN sent to for any occasion that you might have forgotten your password.

Update Personal Information Window

9. You will need to confirm the contact information provided is accurate. A unique PIN will be sent to each method of contact.

10. Enter the unique PINs in the appropriate fields.

11. Click the “Validate” button.

Warning Screen

12. Click the “Close” button to continue to the next step.

Information Window

13. Craft your new password following the “Password Rules.”


14. Enter your new password in the New PAssword and Re-type Password fields.

15. Click the “Reset Password” button.

Create and Confirm Your New Password

16. Once the process is complete, it will return you to the initial screen.

Network ID Account Management Portal Homepage

If you need assistance claiming your Network ID, contact SalukiTech via chat or phone.

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