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Requesting D2L Services from CTE

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We have implemented a new method to send in requests for certain D2L services.

If you need to: request an external guest account, request a report, copy D2L content, add an announcement to D2L, add or remove an INC student, add or remove a TA or Co-instructor from a D2L course, create a development course shell, create a master course in D2L, or merge D2L courses.

Please go to, sign in with your SIU credentials, and select the add request button in the top left-hand corner.

In this pop up please copy and paste your request type from the following list and click submit: 

Post Announcement to D2L

External Guest Account
Copy D2L Content
Add/Remove INC Student
Add/Remove TA or Co-instructor from D2L Course
Create Development Course Shell
Create Master Course in D2L
Merge D2L Courses


This will cause a form to appear, please fill out this form and then you can follow the status of your request on

Need to add a file attachment to your ticket

To add an attachment to your ticket after submitting your request navigate to to open your ticket. From their look on the right side under attachments to upload.

tikit showinging attachments dop down

Need Other D2L Help

You can always use the “get help” widget at to be connected to a live agent 24/7. Or you can call 618-453-5155 and select option 3.

D2L Get help widget

Know a student who needs access to turnitin to check your paper?

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