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How to View Telecom Billing

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Pinnacle website is here: Billing Statements – If the page does not open properly try a different browser.

Log in using your Network ID and Password.
After logging in, click on the blue circle in the upper right corner showing your initials. You will then be presented with a list of roles. Choose SIUC Department Manager

If you do not have the role SIUC Department Manager, then access will need to be requested. This form can be used for new access, modified (add additional Budget Purpose Numbers to existing access) or removal of access or Budget Purpose Numbers.

Please submit this form to request access to Budget Purpose Accounts: Telecom – Account Billing Statements Access Request

Click “Department Manager” on the left
Next click “Account Billing”
Enter the Budget Purpose number in the Account Number field, then click Search button
Click on the hyperlink for the billing date you would like to view
The Account Summary displays the Total One Time Charges, Recurring Charges, Tax and Usage.
  • To view entire Invoice that gives summaries and details that can be saved as a PDF for record keeping, click on View Report
  • To view One-Time/Recurring Charges in a spreadsheet format to that is easier for reconciling, hover over “Account Billing in the menu down the left side of page. Click on Non-Usage Charges in the sub-menu, then click search. This can also be exported to a .csv file.
  • To view the Long Distance call details for Long Distance Authorization Code users and Toll Free detail, hover over “Account Billing” in the menu down the left side of page. Click on Usage Charges in the sub-menu, then click search. This is easier to view for reconciling and may also be exported to a .csv file.

Reconciling Telecom Billing

It is the Fiscal Officer’s responsibility to reconcile Telecom billing for their department. See the Policy for Personal Use of State Telephones Telecom Policy | Office of Information Technology | SIU

Long Distance Authorization Codes – If an employee changes departments, their former department should submit a memo to requesting to deactivate their code. The new department may submit a request for a new code.

Teams VOIP – Office numbers will follow employees throughout their employment at SIU. If the employee changes departments, then the new department should submit a memo to change the BP to their account.

Any Questions about the billing may be asked by calling Telecom Customer Service at 618-453-2484 or email

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When I select ‘View Report,’ the following appears:
“Report File was not found on the Report Server. Please contact your System Administrator for more information.”
Are the old reports not uploaded in the new system yet?

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