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SIU has provided guidelines for faculty/staff members who must work remotely off campus. The following is the link to HR guidelines for working remotely.

These guidelines provided the rules that apply for working remotely. However, from technical standpoint, there are considerations that have to be made to make remote work possible. The following common questions surrounding working from home:

1.    Do I need a computer?

Yes, you will need a compute to work from home. You can check out an SIU laptop/desktop depending on what’s available to you from your department. Loan request form can be found at:   

If your department does not have a computer to provide, consider checking out from Office of Information Technology. More information can be found at   

While using SIU-owned computers is more preferable, you can still use your own computer. Please contact SalukiTech if you need help with your device.

2.    What are other infrastructures I need to work from home beside a computer?

  • VPN

SIU VPN is a way for SIU faculty/staff members to access SIU infrastructures. The link below will take you to SIU VPN information:

  • Duo authentication

Duo authentication is a way to authenticate your login using a second device. There are three available authentication you can use:

Duo Push = sends a push notification to the DUO application on your phone

Phone call = calls your phone with a code (not preferred)

Passcode = allows you to enter an SMS passcode sent to your phone via SMS

  • Remote Desktop Connection when needed.

In the event where software/applications needed are not installed on the computer used at home, RDC has to be enabled. This can be done by contacting your Desktop Support personnel to enable the option on the on-campus computer that has the needed software/applications. 

  • File access.

Many departments on campus use file share solutions. Contact your desktop support personnel on how to access your SIU hosted files from home. 

When file share is not used in your department, consider using SIU OneDrive. More information can be accessed at:   

  • Meeting/collaboration solutions:

SIU provides solutions to make remote meeting solutions when meeting in person is not possible. The first solution is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams allows departments to work collaboratively online. It has fileshare, group working, and meeting capabilities. Second solution is Zoom. 

3.     Do I still need to practice safe computing?

SIU is committed to provide users with the best information for safe computing, even when working remotely. Working remotely allows more possibilities for malicious attempts on you and your institution. Learn about information security at  

4.     What are the best practices for online meeting?

  • Always set up and test your connections and equipment in advance.
  • Consider using a headset with a microphone, if available.
  • Mute your audio when you are not speaking to avoid distractions and background noise.
  • Try not to interrupt other speakers, use chat to insert an idea without disruption.
  • Check your video to make sure the viewable area around you is neat and appropriate for work. Maintain a work appropriate appearance.
  • Be ready for connectivity challenges.

5.     What infrastructure I need to provide from home?

You will need home internet connection to be able to work remotely from home. Please check what your options are for your neighborhood/city. Contact your local technical associate about getting home internet. 

6.     I got “Login Failed” error Cisco AnyConnect, what should I do?

Make sure that Username, First and Second Password fields are filled in correctly.

7.     What cellphones can I use for Duo authentication?

Any Android and iOS cellphones support Duo Authentication. Go to to see how to setup your phones for authentication. 

8.     My computer said that Remote Desktop Can’t connect to the remote computer.

  • Make sure that your account is allowed access to the remote computer.
  • Make sure that the remote computer is turned on.
  • Make sure that there is no network problem. 

9.     How do I sign into Remote Desktop?

  • Username: AD\siu85XXXXXXX
    • Replace X’s with dawg tag
  • Computer name:
    • Replace Y’s with the 3-4 letter department abbreviation
    • Replace Z’s with 6 digit asset tag
  • Password: Same as SalukiNet / email / etc.

You can look up your work computer name by going to the search function from the Windows menu and typing in ‘About My PC’. Look for the line that says ‘Full device name’.

10.     How do I get support?

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