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What happens to my SIU email when I graduate?

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Alumni and Retiree Email Access

As an alumni who has earned a degree from SIUC or a former employee who has retired, you are granted an email account that will allow you access to email and online Microsoft applications if you meet the following criteria:

Note: If you lose access to your email inbox, you will have 30 days to recover it. After 30 days the emails within your inbox cannot be recovered.

Check the status of your email address

You can login to to verify your email address and username. After login click the my profile tab. You should see your email address listed along with your username. my profile screen lists email address on the right
My profile

Requesting an Alumni or Retiree Email

If you originally had an email and have lost access after graduating or retiring from the university we can restore the email address. Please note that the emails inside of your inbox will not be recoverable if you have lost access for longer than 30 days.

Access Alternatives

If you would like a personal email address similar to your SIU email you can create one with Microsoft by visiting this link.

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