I received an email titled “Action Required: Renew (course info)(semester) by (expiration date)”

Is This Spam? No, this email is typically sent by Microsoft Online Services Team. You are receiving this email because you have been listed as an owner to a Microsoft office 365 group. These groups are made automatically sometimes with the Instructor being made the group “owner”. If you do not wish to use this […]

Secure a Compromised Email Account

Email Security SIU Information Security is always watching out for you. If Information Security detects an email compromise, they will lock your SIU email account; even before you realize that you have been hacked. This prevents you, or anyone else, from logging in until you have gone through the appropriate steps to secure your account. […]

What happens to my SIU email when I graduate?

Alumni and Retiree Email Access As an alumni who has earned a degree from SIUC or a former employee who has retired, you are granted an email account that will allow you access to email and online Microsoft applications if you meet the following criteria: Your email access/activity has not lapsed after graduation (Access your […]

Blocked Email

Did you receive a message saying that “your IT department has blocked your email access” ? You might not have the ability to send or receive messages on the application that you saw that message on. If this is this is the case, it might be due to an unsupported third-party application that you may […]

How to Email Instructor and Classmates in D2L

This Quick Guide will help you learn How to Email Instructor and Classmates in D2L. Step 1 After logging into in your course, select Class list from the Communication drop-downmenu in the main navigation bar. Step 2 From the Class list page, you have several options to email All participants or a specific group of […]

Setting Up a Google Analytics Account with an SIU Email Address

Google accounts are useful for accessing a number of online resources. The one most often used for SIU purposes is Google Analytics. This method will create a Google Account that can Access Analytics and other tools, without creating a private Google email account. All mail and communications will go to your existing business account that is protected and secured by SIU.

Private email accounts should not be used for business purposes. As such, this is the recommended method to setup accounts for accessing Google-based tools.

Emailing the Class in D2L (MyCourses)

Go to Communication and then click on Classlist Click on Students Check the box above your classlist to select all members of your class* Then, click the email icon above the box In the pop-up COMPOSE NEW MESSAGE window, edit the SUBJECT and compose the BODY of your email Click SEND at the top left […]

When will my SIU email be created?

Your email is created and ready for use 24 hours after you enroll for classes. You can access your email at office.siu.eduOnce your email is assigned to you, it will be used to sign into any web pages you had previously signed in with your networkID@siu.edu (siu850000000@siu.edu) such as http://salukinet.siu.edu and http://mycourses.siu.edu .

How do I access my SIU email?

Office 365 for Android Devices