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How to Create a Video Assignment in D2L

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This Quick Guide will help you learn How to Create a video assignment in D2L.

Step 1

  • After entering your course, select “Video Assignment” under the “Assessment tab.”
Video Assignment
Video Assignment

Step 2

  • On the “Video Assignment”, you may select the “Red Plus” symbol on the left bottom of the screen.
Click Red Plus
Click Red Plus

Step 3

  • Select any choices presented above according to the type of assignment you want to create.
Select Choices for Assignment
Select Choices for Assignment

Step 4

  • The following example is for individual assignments. You may complete the requested information: Assignment name, and assignment instructions. You might add some optional information: Due date, due time, grade type (percentage, rubric, pass/fail, auto pass, five star),
Assignment Options
Assignment Options

a. Video Assignment Name (Required)

b. Due Date (Optional)

c. Due Time (Optional)

d. Grade Type (Optional)

e. Assignment Instructions (Required)

Step 5

  • After completing the assignment information, click the blue bottom “save”.

Step 6

  • The video assignment has been created after clicking save, and it is listed in the dashboard.
Assignment Listed After Saving
Assignment Listed After Saving
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