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How to Create Assignments in D2L

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This Quick Guide will help you learn How to Create Assignments in D2L.

Step 1 (Creating your New Assignment (1 of 3))

  • On your Course Homepage:
  • Click Assessments, then click Assignments

Click New Assignments


Step 2

  • In New Assignments‐ Properties Tab:
  • You must type name of the assignment
  • Add instructions for assignment
  • Click add attachments for additional links, or pdfs.
New Assignment
New Assignment

Step 3

  • Scroll down to Assignment Type:
  • Choose Individual or Group
  • Choose File submission for submission type for online submission of documents
  • Choose how many files you will allow students to submit
  • Recommendation: Choose for allsubmissions to be kept.
Assignment Options
Assignment Options

Step 4 (Creating the Grade Item (2 of 3))

Type the total amount of points of the Assignment in the Score Out Of box.

* You must create a Grade Item for the Assignment to post in the Gradebook!

Assignment Grade Options
Assignment Grade Options

Step 5

Click New Grade Item and following the Instructions provided by D2L:

  • First you will choose Grade Item Type: Numeric
  • *Must enter Name (ex. Assignment 1)
  • *Must enter Maximum No. of Points Possible
  • *You must enter the maximum points for the Assignment.
  • Recommendation: Leave Grade Scheme on Letter Grades
  • Click SAVE

Optional Settings:

  • Hide Grade from Users
  • Set Availability for Students to View Grades.
Grade Options
Grade Options

Step 6(Creating Restrictions (3 of 3))

  • Upon completion of the grade item, you should see the Score, Grade Item Name and Student Preview of their Graded Score.
Grade Options
Grade Options
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