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Emailing the Class in D2L (MyCourses)

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  1. Go to Communication and then click on Classlist
  2. Click on Students
  3. Check the box above your classlist to select all members of your class*
  4. Then, click the email icon above the box
  5. In the pop-up COMPOSE NEW MESSAGE window, edit the SUBJECT and compose the BODY of your email
  6. Click SEND at the top left corner of the compose new message window

Note: When performing this step, please be aware of how many students you have enrolled in your class and how many students you have listed per page in the D2L classlist.

This can be adjusted at the bottom of the page. You can adjust the number of students per page (second box) to include all the students in your class. Otherwise, your email will only be sent to those students on the first page of your class list.

Page of class list
Page of class list
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