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How Do I Change My SIU Account Password?

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Follow these instructions to reset your SIU account password if it has been forgotten or expired.

PIN Password Reset

This method will send a security PIN to the recovery information listed on your account.

  1. Go to
  2. For verification purposes, enter your first name, last name and Dawg Tag (Please note that the Dawg Tag is just the number, without the letters ‘SIU’.)
  3. Complete the Captcha requirement by checking the box.
  4. Check the box that states, By selecting this checkbox you agree to receive text messages on your mobile device. (This will be a one-time message)
  5. Click SUBMIT
    PIN Password Reset Form
  6. You will be asked where you would like the PIN to be sent. (If you only had one recovery method on your account, the PIN will be sent automatically.)
  7. Click CLOSE
    The PIN has been sent via..
  8. Enter the PIN you received via text message or e-mail and click VALIDATE
  9. Once the PIN has been validated you will be prompted to reset your password. Craft your new password, in accordance with the password rules, and type it in the required fields. Click RESET PASSWORD.
    Reset prompt

Password Not Accepted

Your password may not have been accepted for multiple reasons. You should be presented with a new table that will tell you why the password was not accepted. Here are some of the common errors.

Cannot contain a restricted word.The password you attempted to set had a word or phrase that is easily guessed. (i.e. password, abc, 123, qwerty)
Valid characters.The password you attempted to set had a symbol that was not accepted. (i.e. @#$%^&*) Please use only these accepted symbols
Requires a minimum of 1 special characters.The password you attempted to set did not contain at least one of these characters.
successful password reset

Once you have entered in a valid new password and clicked “Reset Password” you will be met with a message similar to the one above.
Clicking “OK” will bring you back to the log in screen for the Network ID management Portal. At this point you have completed resetting your password.


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