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The Enterprise version of SurveyMonkey is now available by request. The easy-to-use software features a rich library of templates, thousands of professionally constructed survey questions, robust analytic capabilities, and a wide array of survey development tools.


SurveyMonkey also offers tutorials to get new users up to speed quickly. Users who are familiar with the free version of SurveyMonkey will discover the licensed version is far more flexible and powerful. 

The university’s SurveyMonkey license will allow users with enterprise-level upgrades to:

  • Add custom logos, colors, and survey URLs.
  • Receive response notifications.
  • Send unlimited surveys and questions and receive unlimited responses.
  • Use question and page skip logic.
  • Export data in CSV, PDF, PPT, SPSS, XLS formats.
  • Accept payments.
  • Integrate with popular collaboration apps.
  • Create multi-lingual surveys.
  • Track activity.
  • Consolidate and analyze data. 

Click for Best practice tips, along with other resources and online survey suggestions. You can also find great help inside SurveyMonkey by clicking the question mark at the top.

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