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How to Access Quiz Feedback on D2L

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In this how to guide, learn how to access quiz feedback on D2L as a learner.

How To

From the homepage of the course, click on Assessment in the Navbar.

Click on Quizzes in the drop-down menu.

A screenshot of a D2L course homepage, highlighting Assessments menu in the nabber and Quizzes in the drop down menu

Navigate to the target quiz from your quiz list. Click on corresponding feedback On Attempt to the right.

A screenshot of the quiz list, highlighting one quiz on the left and the corresponding feedback On Attempt on the right

To access feedback on Attempt 1, Click on Attempt 1.

A screenshot of the quiz attempts, highlighting one of the attempts.

See the report for Attempt 1. You can find your grade and other feedback information. Note that additional feedback information depends on instructors’ feedback display setting.

A screenshot of a quiz report Click on X in the top right corner to exit the report. A screenshot of a quiz report, highlighting X sign in the top right corner

To view feedback on other attempts, simple click on the desired attempt from the attempt list. Note that you will only see more than one attempts if your instructors allow more attempts to complete a quiz.

A screenshot of a list of attempts for a quiz, highlighting the individual attempts list

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