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SIU Wireless Connection Guide

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Wireless Overview

Southern Illinois University’s wireless network provides secure, mobile Internet access for students, faculty, and staff from the wireless access points located throughout the main campus. Guest Wireless access is also available for the visitors on campus.

The following networks are present where wireless networks are available.

  • eduroam” – eduroam (educationroaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions. You can find out more about the eduroam project by visiting their web page at
  • eduroam-Instructions” – Open and unsecure network that provides instructions on how to connect to secure “eduroam” wireless network.
  • SIU-Guest” – Wireless network for campus visitors

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use the “eduroam” secure wireless network to access the Internet and campus resources.  Click here to configure the network.

Automatic Wireless Configuration Utility for Eduroam

The preferred way of setting up the eduroam SSID on any operating system is connecting to the wireless network “eduroam-instructions” then downloading the cloudpath utility that can be found at The utility sets up the SSID automatically with little input from you.

For users in the residence halls, use this link to automatically setup the wireless networks:

Manual Configuration for Eduroam


Mac Os

IOS (Iphone, or Ipad)

Android Phones, Tablets, and Chromebooks


Eduroam is available inside almost all locations on the SIU campus. Additionally, it is available outdoors along Lincoln Drive near the Communication building and portions of Douglas Drive for the best outdoor wireless experience. You may find Eduroam outdoors in other locations as well. Visit this link for a map to search by address or zip code.


IOS Devices

Android Devices

Windows Devices

Mac Devices

Device Compatibility

Supported Devices

Android 5.0 and above

Windows 10 and above

MacOS 10.13 and above (Link to Older Mac OS Versions) (What OS can my Mac Support?)

iOS 11 and above

iPadOS 13.1 and above

Unsupported Devices

  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. Nintendo DS, DSi, DSi XL, DS Lite, 3DS
  3. Nintendo Wii
  4. Sony PSP, PS2, PS3, PS4
  5. Chromecast
  6. Google TV
  7. Apple TV
  8. Wireless Printers
  9. Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Kinect

NOTE: Any device that doesn’t support WPA2-Enterprise wireless security or 802.1x wireless security will not be able to connect to the SIU Indoor Wireless Network.

Connecting to the Guest Network

If you are signing into the guest network and you are unsure of your cellular provider, you can find out your provider here:

If your provider is not on the list, it may be owned by a larger company such as Verizon or Sprint. Try selecting one of these companies as your carrier and submitting your request. If you do not receive a text message, try again and select a different cell phone carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the username and password for siu-wireless and how do i get one if I’m a new student/faculty/staff?

A: Username is your Dawgtag and Password is your Network ID Password. For example:

username: SIU850123456
password: your network ID password (same password used for email, D2L, Salukinet, etc)

This also serves as a DAWG Tag. If you are a new Student/Faculty/Staff and have not set up your account, then please contact SalukiTech

Q: Are gaming consoles permitted on the wireless network?

A: Game consoles and steaming devices are not compatible with the security requirements that are enabled on eduroam and guest networks. However, if these devices are located in a residence hall, there is a wireless network setup for their use. Please see our guide on connecting these devices here.

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