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SIU Wireless Connection Guide

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Instructions can be found at the following web sites.

Wireless Overview

Automatic Wireless Configuration Utility for Eduroam

Manual Configuration for Eduroam

The manual configuration for Android will allow Chromebook devices to connect. If you are unable to connect please update your ChromeOs.

Eduroam is available inside almost all locations on the SIU campus. Additionally, it is available outdoors along Lincoln Drive near the Communication building and portions of Douglas Drive for the best outdoor wireless experience. You may find Eduroam outdoors in other locations as well. Visit this link for a map to search by address or zip code.


IOS Devices

Android Devices

Windows Devices

Mac Devices

Connecting to the Guest Network

If you are signing into the guest network and you are unsure of your cellular provider, you can find out your provider here:

If your provider is not on the list, it may be owned by a larger company such as Verizon or Sprint. Try selecting one of these companies as your carrier and submitting your request. If you do not receive a text message, try again and select a different cell phone carrier.

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