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Adobe Freezes While Adding Signature

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Some people have ran into an issue with Adobe Acrobat reader while attempting to digitally sign a document. After selecting their digital signature and click sign, nothing will happen. This issue usually affects users who also have entrust running on their device and can be remediated by replacing the 64-bit version of Adobe Acrobat with the 32-bit version. This guide will be for Windows users only.

If you are on a SIUC owned device, you may not have admin privilege over your device. If you are met with a “user access control” prompt and are not able to sign into that window, you will need to have a ticket made so IT can install the 32-bit version of Adobe. Contact SalukiTech here:

What version of Adobe Acrobat do I have?

Adobe version check

To check your version you can open a file with Adobe Acrobat and check at the top of the window. You can see in the example above it reads (64-bit) to the right of the program name.

How do I replace the 64 bit version of Adobe with the 32 bit version?

First you will need to uninstall the 64-bit version of Adobe Acrobat. In windows you will navigate to the Apps & features settings window. The fastest way to get to the Apps & features window is to right click on the windows icon and select it from the menu that appears. After opening Apps & Features you will need to select Adobe Acrobat DC (64-bit) from the list of Apps and click Uninstall. Follow the prompts to uninstall Adobe Acrobat 64-bit.

uninstalling adobe 64bit

Install Adobe Reader through Software Center

If you are on a SIUC owned device, there should be an application called Software center installed on your computer. You can open this application up by clicking on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner, search for “software center”, and left click the application.

software center

Once you have Software Center open, click on “Applications” on the left, then click Adobe Reader (the version may differ from the picture below). After clicking Adobe Reader click “Install” and Software Center will complete the installation process.

adobe reader in software center

Install Adobe Reader Manually

If your computer does not have Software Center installed, you will have to install Adobe Acrobat Reader manually.
First visit
On the left you will be able to select the operating system of your device, language, and version of Adobe Acrobat. When selecting version select the version that does NOT have 64-bit in the description.
After making your selection, the download acrobat reader button on the right side of the screen will light up and you will be able to click to download the 32-bit version.
Make note of where this software is downloading. Typically this is put by default into your Downloads folder in windows.

adobe 32bit download instructions

Once finished you will need to navigate to where you downloaded the 32-bit installer earlier and double click the file to begin installation. Follow the prompts to install Adobe Acrobat Reader 32-bit. Once installed you should be able to add your signatures again.

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