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Changing Preferred First Name or Email Address

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If you wish to change your preferred First Name or Email Address, you can do so by clicking the link above or visiting
You will be greeted by a sign in notification where you will enter your networkID (SIU85xxxxxxx) as the username and your SIU account password

Ithelp sign in

After logging in, you should taken to the home page. If you are not, click on the “home” button in the top left.
Once you are on the home page of IThelp, click on the requests link under the Catalog Browser.

Ithelp home screen with requests

Clicking on Requests will then expand the menu to show several requests. Select Preferred First Name and Email Change Request.

Requests expanded

Click the Preferred First Name and Email Change Request link again.

Requests Link

You will then be taken to the Preferred First Name and Email Change Request page. This page will give you instructions and information on where your preferred first name is displayed and acceptable reasons to change your email account.
From here you will make your selection from the drop down menu. Please note that if you are changing your first name, you will also have the option to change your email from within that same request.

Preferred First Name Change Request

Change Preferred First Name

Here you can enter in your Preferred First Name. If you would also like to change your email address to reflect your Preferred First Name you can check the box below the request. Email addresses will need to be in the standard format of

Change Preferred First Name Selected

Change Email Address Only

From the Change email address only page you will need to list an alternate email address (not your email) and the reason for the email address change. Please include your requested email in the Reason for Email Address Change field. Email addresses will need to be in the standard format of

Change Email Address only
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