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Echo 360 Instructor Guide

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Step 1:     Request an Echo360 account by emailing Jeff Garner ( and include the following information:

Subject Line: Echo360 Account Request

  • Your First & Last Name
  • Your Email Address
  • If you already know what course you would like set up in your Echo360 account (see Step 3), you may provide that information in this initial email*.
  • Note: If you only plan to use the lecture capture feature of Echo360, then you do not need to have a course set-up in the Echo360 system. You can create your recordings in Echo360, save them to your private Echo library and post the “Public Links” within your SIUonline (D2L) modules.

Step 2:     Watch for an email from Echo 360.

Open the message, click on the “COMPLETE REGISTRATION” button, & complete the form to create the account.

*Step 3: Request your Echo 360 course(s) by emailing Jeff Garner ( with the following information: Echo360 Course Request

  • Your First & Last Name
    • Your Email Address
    • Course Name
    • Course Number
    • Section Number
    • CRN Number

*Note: After your Echo360 account is set up, continue to request future courses by contacting Jeff Garner.

More Information

To learn more about Echo 360 visit this website.

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